6 Ways to use honey this winter.

Honey is fantastic all year round, but here are 6 more ways to use it, this winter.

1. As we all know, having a cold is nothing but a nuisance, so why not put a teaspoon of heather honey and a good squeeze of lemon juice in a cup of boiling water. The simple combination helps soothe your sore throat but also tastes rather good!

2.Honey + Porridge = lovely and heartwarming . A spoonful of honey in your breakfast porridge is healthier than sugar and tastes amazing; you will be ready to face the day ahead in no time!


3. Put it in your coffee! If you normally have sugar in your coffee- honey offers a nice alternative and it’s also healthier. So, put a teaspoon of your favourite Quince Honey farm honey into a shot of espresso and mix well. Top up with hot milk and give it a good stir. Lastly, we sprinkle some ground nutmeg on the top but cinnamon also works well!

wild honey

4. Use it to treat minor cuts and burns! There is nothing worse than burning yourself on the oven whilst cooking, or cutting yourself with the new knives you got for Christmas. So, slather a layer of honey onto your cut or burn (use something clean to apply it with!). Not only is honey a natural antiseptic, but it also prevents infection.

5. Treat dry skin and chapped lips. Honey’s an especially good home remedy for those problem dry spots (like elbows). That’s because the sticky solution creates a moist healing environment and can also reduce inflammation. Apply to irritated areas and leave on for 30 minutes — just don’t forget to wash away before it gets too sticky (and definitely before heading near any beehives) 🙂

photo 2 (4)

6. Honey for your hair!? In these cold miserable months, our hair will most likely take a battering from our lovely British weather. Applying honey and olive oil to damp hair not only smells good, but makes your hair lovely and shiny and makes it look and feel a lot healthier. All you have to do is: warm some olive oil in the microwave and mix in some honey. The quantities depend on the length of your hair. Give it a good stir until combined and then rub it into the roots and lengths of your hair. Yes, it is messy. Leave for as long as you like (even overnight), I would suggest a minimum of 30 minutes. When you’re done, wash well with shampoo and conditioner! Gorgeous!!