Bee Beard Show attempts

For this summer we are attempting a bee beard show every Friday, I say ‘attempting’ as sometimes the bees don’t do as they are told and we get stung! We now have a successes and failures chart on the wall, and we are hoping to get more successes than stings this summer. If the show doesn’t happen because of too many stings then we will give you a little talk and some time to ask questions to a beekeeper.
If you turned up on Friday 24th July expecting to see a bee beard show then you will know this information already as the show didn’t happen unfortunately. The owner of the honey farm attempted a practice run before the public arrived and the bees were very grumpy and stung him quite a few times! This was really unfortunate but as the bees are unpredictable it is hard to say that you will definitely see  a beard of bees every time we plan it. We do however have a lot more successes to failures and hopefully every Friday we can provide you with a big beard of bees display! 🙂