Natural Handmade Beeswax Products

Beeswax Candles

Our bees produce pure and natural beeswax comb to store their honey. After we have extracted the honey we are left with the finest wax to make candles.

Moulded candles are produced in a wide range of designs from simple cylindrical styles to frogs and Christmas trees.

Our traditional dipped candles are made by dipping a frame strung with candle wick into a tank of molten wax and once the layer of wax on the wick begins to cool it is then dipped again until the thickness of the candle reaches the required size.

Rolled candles are made from the same sheets of beeswax foundation that we put in the hives to encourage the bees to build their comb where we want them to. We take a wick of suitable diameter for the size of candle being made and roll it up in a cut sheet of foundation that has been warmed to make it soft so that it doesn’t crack.

Pure beeswax candles are slow burning and give off a wonderful aroma of honey.

All of our candles are handmade at our honey farm in South Molton where they can be bought in our shop or online from this website.