The World’s Largest Honeybee Exhibition!

BeeWorld is renowned for its up close exhibition of honey bees, interactive buttons can be pressed to see inside the hives, magnifying the bees even closer. Nowhere else in the world can you get such an intimate view of the inner workings of the honey bee society without needing protective equipment. ‘Beeworld’ is a hive of fascinating information with 18 colonies to observe as well as ‘bee cams’, new displays are being added every year.

There are 8 rooms that make up Beeworld
 Take a guided tour around the different rooms and the journey from hive to jar!

You can see the honey production firsthand from the viewing galleries. Each production is needed at different times throughout the year. If you can’t see anyone working from the viewing galleries then they are probably out beekeeping around the Devon countryside.

Daily activities:
Daily talks
Beekeeping demos
Guided tour of BeeWorld
Be a Beekeeper taster
Candle rolling
Honey tasting