Celebrating National Honey Week!

We are celebrating national honey week here at the honey farm- organised by The British Beekeepers Association. We are giving all our lovely customers 15% off all honey in our shop in South Molton!

honeyweek honey week ad.

Fact: Did you know? Bees have to visit 2 million flowers to make 1kg of honey!?

Honey is reputed to have many health benefits and there are many different ways that you can use it in the kitchen.

Why not try one of these delicious looking recipes for something a bit different?

Honeyed Pumpkin and Saffron Couscous Salad 

(Perfect for Halloween season too)!


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Honey harissa greens with black bean pasta


Honey-Harissa Greens with Black Bean Pasta >> Just a few healthy ingredients - one of them super special and full of fibre and protein - make this a quick midweek meal for the more spice adventurous among you. The greens and pasta type are adaptable to your taste, and the options for colourful and complementing garnishes are considerable. Milder option is also given.


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Miss Honey Cake



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Upside down apple honey cake



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