We keep 1500 hives of bees at Quince Honey Farm. The bees are kept in about 75 apiaries across 400 square miles of rolling North Devon countryside. North Devon is primarily a livestock region which means seemingly endless meadows and hedgerows full of wild flowers. This gives our honey a beautiful delicate flavour described by many of our customers as ‘Honey like Grandad used to get.’

We have three beekeepers at Quince. Paddy and his son Ian and Geoff. During the hectic hive migration we have a few more helpers on hand.

2012 was the worst year we experienced in 63 years of honey farming. To make matters worse it was the seventh consecutive poor year. Thankfully the last couple of years has been reasonable so far and July brought us some much needed stocks of honey.

beekeeping in the rain

Scenes like this were all too common in 2012

Having survived a tough few years we are looking forward to some hot summers! Only time will tell but you couldn’t be a honey farmer if you didn’t think next year will be the best you’ve ever had.

Please read on if you’d like to learn a bit about our beekeeping year, starting with spring beekeeping