It’s the Summer of BEES!

Have you heard, It’s the SUMMER of BEES?!

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Summer is the perfect time to celebrate bees and the work they do for the ecology of our beautiful planet. In North Devon the hedgerows, trees and fields are buzzing with life in the summer months.

We want people to take the time to appreciate bees and learn more about their fascinating lives and at the same time we want to support scientific research projects aimed at helping bees and also we want to help beekeepers in poorer parts of the world. Seeds for bees will be available to buy at Quince Honey Farm this summer and all proceeds will go towards scientific research and Bees Abroad, a charity relieving poverty through beekeeping.

We hope you will join us this summer at Quince Honey Farm where we are running a jam packed day of bee related activities every day suitable for children and adults.