Make your garden bee friendly!

Plants for bees!

The first step is to choose plants for your garden that attract bees and plant them in a sunny spot. There are so many varieties out there of flowering plants that bees love, and they differ between seasons.

plants for bees

You could purchase a bee mix of wild flower seeds (you can purchase in our shop) and spread them around your garden. The seeds in bee mixes are chosen because bees love them. Scatter the seeds in the garden or in a few pots to set around the garden, and they will keep the bees happy all summer long.

Make a Bee Bath

You want to attract them with gorgeous blooms, but while they are in your garden you will want to give them a safe place to drink too!

bee bath

Add rocks or marbles to a shallow dish or bowl so that they sit above clean water to give the bees a place to land.

Shelter for the Bees

Make a bee hotel or buy a bee shelter!
You can make your own buy filling a wooden box with rolls of paper or cut out bamboo reeds alternatively you could drill holes in to wood.

bee house

Bees will help your garden look beeutiful!!!