New member of staff gets close to the bees!

Sarah swapped the office for some beekeeping at one of our ‘Bee a Beekeeper’ taster sessions which takes place every day!
Let’s see what she thought….


I started working at Quince Honey Farm about a month ago, and until then I’d never really been that close to bees before. I mean, they’ve never particularly bothered me, but I guess as with most people, I never actively sought out their company!


A brand-new activity we have for visitors to the farm is to ‘Bee a Beekeeper’. This is where you get suited up in full protective clothing and one of our beekeepers shows you a hive up close. They let you use the smoke blower and a hive tool to lift out the frames and get a good look at the bees at work. I thought it would be a great idea for me to take part in the activity so I could learn more about these interesting creatures and get a customer’s perspective about what happens here.


Wow! I can honestly say it was fascinating! I saw bees carrying in their pollen baskets, tiny eggs, larvae and broods, saw nectar in the cells and honey forming and even saw the queen! It was all shown to us by an experienced beekeeper who explains everything and is on hand to answer any questions we had.



If you are even a little bit interested in bees and the work they do, then you must have a go next time you visit us over the season. There’s a session on every day costing £12.50 and you can sign up at the shop when you arrive.

It’s truly unique and fascinating and I can highly recommend it to everyone. Make sure you sign up!