Spring Beekeeping

Hives in bluebells.

Spring beekeeping is all about preparation. We try to give the bees a bit of a head start by feeding sugar and protein.

Protein patty on hive.

The bees are provided with protein early in the season.

Feeding syrup

Feeding syrup in the spring. The old fashioned way and the modern way.

Mother nature’s first offering for the bees is Pussy Willow which is found in the hedgerows and road side verges. Pussy Willow is very important to our bees and once we see the pollen coming in we know the season has really started.

Pussy Willow and Dandelion.

Pussy Willow and Dandelions are important early sources of pollen. Dandelions can produce a honey flow in North Devon.

The first major source of nectar is the Dandelions. This honey is delicious and the wax in the comb has a beautiful deep yellow tinge. We usually leave the dandelion honey on the hives for the bees so they can build up their strength ready for the summer honey production.

Here in North Devon we generally just collect honey from summer flowers, although this is not always the case. In 2007 the Summer was a wash out but Spring was fine and accounted for most of that year’s honey crop.

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