The bees are on the Heather!

Quince Honey Farm successfully moved all our beehives up onto Exmoor in August, where they will stay until October. Each year our beekeepers move the hives up onto the moor so that the honeybees can take full advantage of the beautiful Exmoor heather.

With all the rain we have had throughout August it wasn’t an easy move and there were a lot of tired beekeepers who had been working every night all night for a couple of weeks!


Exmoor Heather Honey has a much stronger taste and aroma than the flower honey, the thick creamy texture is perfect for spreading on a slice of buttered toast.  Feel free to pop in to the shop to try the different honeys collect and different times of the year.


This photo was taken of Exmoor by one of our beekeepers.

Photo by beekeeper Ozcan Ahmed

-Jason Parker