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13. Opening a hive for the first time ourselves, and finding the Queen
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Be a Beekeeper
We’ve put together a 30-minute taster to life as a beekeeper. Put on your protective equipment and work with one of our seasoned professionals; tend to the bees and get the closest possible look at the inner workings of a real beehive!
The taster is perfect for kids wanting to get a hands-on experience with the bees and for adults keen to get closer to the action!
Taster sessions take place at 3pm every day £12.50 pre-booking is available.

Beekeeping demonstrations
Beekeeping demos also take place throughout the summer months.
Watch in safety from behind glass as a beekeeper opens up a beehive live in front of you!
This is included in your ticket price!


The Ultimate Beekeeping Experience

An unrivalled opportunity to get close to the bees and learn everything there is to know about beekeeping, all in the glorious North Devon countryside.

Ever thought about beekeeping and wanted to learn more? This is the best possible opportunity to do so in a hands-on, interactive way.

10am Meet at Quince Honey Farm… …and peruse the beekeeping artefacts on display while you settle in and meet your fellow students. Your host will have the kettle on.
10:30am Introduction To The Craft
Your experienced host will take you on a journey of wonder, highlighting some fun and fascinating facts about beekeeping and bees themselves.
11:30am Meet The Bees
Get dressed up in full protective clothing and be shown the inner workings of a beehive. Your host will point out some of the many wondrous activities of the bees and reveal the secrets of the hive. You can assist your host with the opening of the hive.
12:30pm Lunch & Guided Tour of Bee World
Enjoy a relaxed lunch and a well-earned cuppa. Your host will dine with you and is ready for any questions you may have. You will pre-order your lunch in the morning. There will be options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free and meat eaters.
2:00pm Get Hands-On
You will conduct your own ‘Beehive Inspection’ under the supervision of your host. This is the chance to do some real beekeeping, helping the hive in whatever fashion is needed as dictated by the weather and condition of the colony – be it feeding, collecting honey or inspecting the brood nest for diseases.
4:00pm What’s Next?
If beekeeping is something you’d like to pursue, you need to know what to do to get set up. Your host will tell you where you can buy a hive, give tips for making your own and advise you on how to make a success of your new hobby.

You can book a Beekeeping Experience Day, for yourself or as a gift.
Call or email to book.

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