Whatโ€™s all the buzz about?

One of Quinceโ€™s primary attractions, Bee World is an interactive experience for all ages.

Explore our close-up exhibition of active bee colonies. Press interactive buttons to see inside the hives and use magnifying glasses to see the bees even closer!

Youโ€™ll get an intimate view of honey bee society, with 18 colonies to observe and millions of bees flying in and out of their hives.

This is also where you will see the behind the scenes honey production areas as you take the journey from hive to jar.

It’s a truly unique experience for all ages!

You can join in with any and all of the following, every single day:

expert talks

Taste the countryside with our seasonal honeys

Summer of bees!

#Devon day

Beekeeping experience day!

Dandelion honey

Heather honey cake

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